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PCI computer display card

Graphics card specifications

PCB engineering data

Board size: 27 * 12CM

Thickness: 1.6mm □ Other _____mm

Boards do not: HAL HAL + Goldfinger (_____ □ plate) □ Other (______)

Material: FR4 □ Other (______)

Finger thickness: □ 30u □ Other (u)

V-Cut: A total of _1_ Road Width mm

Minimum aperture: 8mil □ Other (___mil)

Minimum Line Width / Space: 4/5mil □ Other (/ mil)

Solder paint ink: green □ Other (_____)

Part side: □ Single-sided

Text Ink: □ White □ Other (color)

Via plug hole: all plug □ Component plug □ Solder Plug

Engineering data annex

Size, layer scheduling methods such as gerber file requirements

PCB required for open / short test

PCB impedance Report

PCB with OSP process

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