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Rigid-Flex PCB Processing

Rigid-flex PCB: Rigid-flex circuit board is not a common name suggests, is a soft board and hard board is the combination of the thin layers of flexible and rigid bottom with the bottom, and then laminated into a single component in the formation of the circuit board. Rigid-flex board has changed the traditional planar design concept, expanded to 3-dimensional space, three-dimensional concept to product design in a tremendous convenience, but also tremendous challenges. Rigid-flex PCB designers can use a single component replaced by a number of connectors, a number of cable and ribbon cable into the composite printed circuit boards, higher performance, the higher the stability, but also to design limit the scope within a component, like the stack of paper, like the Swan by bending, folding lines to optimize the available space.

Rigid-flex board both rigid and flexible floor level, is a multi-layer printed circuit boards. Typical (four) Rigid-flex printed circuit board has a polyimide core, it's up and down both sides and covered with copper foil. Outer rigid layer formed by the side of the FR4, which are laminated on both sides into the flexible core, assembled into multi-layer PCB. Rigid-flex board is widely used, but due to a variety of materials, the production of mixed use and multi-step, just flex plate longer processing time, production cost higher. In the production of multi-layer rigid-flex board, flexible layer FR4 processing technology and with the outside layer different. Produced by different materials at all levels must be laminated together, then drilling, plating. Therefore, the production of a typical four-layer rigid-flex printed circuit board of the time, much more than making a standard length of four-layer rigid printed circuit board 5 to 7 times.

Rigid-flex board range of applications including: aerospace, aircraft mounted weapons such as high-end navigation systems, advanced medical equipment, digital cameras, portable cameras and high-quality MP3 player. Rigid-flex board most often used in the manufacture of military aircraft and medical equipment. Rigid-flex PCB design for military aircraft, has brought enormous benefits, because it is in improving the connection reliability at the same time also reduces the weight, of course, brought about by a smaller overall volume gains can not be ignored.

Rigid-flex board costs despite expensive than traditional rigid plate, but it is for the project provided the ideal solution. Use of the flexible substrate are connected, rather than multiple PCB connection devices, which is to reduce space and reduce the weight of the key, which is a lot of design needs.

Rigid-flex board with a flexible, collapsible feature, it can be used to create custom circuits, maximize the available interior space, use it, reducing the space occupied by the system, the overall cost of Rigid-flex board would be more high, but as the industry continues to mature and develop, will continue to lower overall costs, which would be more cost-effective and competitive.

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