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high-precision circuit board processing

Multilayer (Multi-Layer Boards) in order to increase the area for routing, multilayer spend more single-or double-sided wiring board. For the inner layer with a double, two single-sided or two-sided as to make the outer lining, two-sided printed circuit boards for the outer, through the positioning system and insulating and conductive adhesive materials alternately with graphics According to the design of printed circuit board interconnection to be four, six printed circuit board, and also known as multi-layer printed circuit boards. Board represents the number of layers of wiring are several separate layers, usually layers are even, and includes the outermost two layers. Most of the board are 4 to 8 layers of structure, but theory can be done technically almost 100 layers PCB. Most large-scale use of supercomputers rather multi-layered board, but because these computers have a lot of ordinary computers can be used instead of the cluster, super multi-layer board has gradually being used. Because the PCB layers are in close, generally not easy to see that the actual number, but motherboard if you look closely, you can still see it.

PCB Processing
Prime Time proofing PCB production has more than thirty layer multilayer, multi-level laser blind buried plate production capacity, high-volume processing minimum line width from 3mil, the smallest laser aperture 4mil, the smallest mechanical aperture 8mil, and have blind hole buried hole production capacity. PCB board to meet your various requirements, such as environmentally friendly lead-free ROHS requirements, Finger, Immersion Gold and other process requirements. Through the introduction of Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions with advanced levels of PCB production, processing, testing equipment, improve production efficiency and economic efficiency.
Product range:
We processed products are epoxy glass fiber material FR4, CEM1, CEM3, BT material, poly vinyl Vladimir \ thick copper circuit boards, high TG circuit boards, aluminum heat board, ultra-thin ultra-small thick gold circuit boards, cell phones Battery key board, halogen-free boards, Rogers high-frequency boards, high number of backplanes. Technology products, including jet of pure tin, gold, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP (anti-oxidation board), high TG, aluminum panels. Currently processing products have been widely used in computers, telecommunications, networks, appliances, instrumentation, medical, industrial, automotive, semiconductor microelectronics, LCD and LED, mobile phone camera modules and other fields.

PCB production capacity:
1. Product Type: double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB)
2. Max Size: Two panels: 450mm * 600mm MLB: 400mm * 600mm
3. The maximum number of layers: 18 layers
4. Processing thickness: 0.6mm-3.2mm
5. Copper foil substrate thickness: 18μ (1/2OZ), 35μ (1OZ), 70μ (2OZ)
6. Common substrate: FR-4, CEM-3, CEM-1, poly PCE
7. Process Capability:
(1) Drilling: Minimum finished hole 0.25mm
(2) Hole: The minimum diameter 0.3mm, thickness / diameter ratio of 4:1
(3) wire width: Minimum width: gold plate 0.10mm, tin plate 0.125mm
(4) wire spacing: Minimum spacing: gold plate 0.10mm, tin plate 0.125mm
(5) gold plate: nickel layer thickness:> or = 2.5μ
Gold layer thickness :0.05-0 .1 μm or customer
(6) spray tin plate: tin thickness:> or = 2.5-5μ
(7) milling board: line to the edge of the minimum distance: 0.15mm
Minimum distance to the edge of hole: 0.2mm
Minimum Overall tolerance: ± 0.15mm
(8) outlet chamfer: angle: 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees
Depth :1-3mm
(9) V Cut: Angle: 30 degrees, 35 degrees, 45 degrees depth: thickness 2 / 3
Minimum size: 100mm * 150mm
(10) off Test: Maximum test area: 400mm * 500mm
Maximum test point: 8000
The maximum test voltage: 300V

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