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Prototype program to determine

Fully communicate with customers through the early and careful study of our program, our technical staff has been quite a detailed understanding of customer requirements and product technical performance of the. Next, we will present a set of clients, including drawings, performance data, test data, the development cycle, development costs, product prices and other information design for customer reference choice.

Prototype Welding and testing

Submitted information to the customer and confirmed the final program, our team's formal entry into the production of prototype and development status! Engineers will complete the step by step according to different circumstances. The entire production process is about one to three weeks. Drawings made from the physical, procurement of materials, welding after the first prototype for testing in the laboratory, recognized by our company engineer the initial function, we will analyze the test report to the client or provide the prototype to the customer to my company site testing. Necessary, a second re-examine the design and prototype production.

Shaping the design and production

The receipt of customer acceptance of the prototype, we will shape the design documentation, various production documents will be completed in the shortest time, and ready all the tools, test tooling, fixtures to ensure the smooth progress of production .

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