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Product design and prototyping to ensure the feasibility and product ready for trial production to provide reliable evidence is as follows:
1, test structure design: prototyping to verify design meets the intended requirements, such as the structure is reasonable or not, ease of installation, ergonomics and other scale details of the deal.
2, lower development risk: Through prototype testing, can be a mold problem before and solve the problem, the process to avoid a mold problem, resulting in unnecessary losses.
3, quick to market: According to the production of the characteristics of speed, many companies developed in the mold before the prototype will make use of promotional products, pre-sales, bring new products to market quickly.
Before mass production prototype is to test the functionality of its products to ensure product performance and meet customer requirements for the indicators necessary part, which directly affects the effectiveness of after-market. Our aim is to deliver to customers the best and most cost-effective technical requirements for products.
Thus, in a formal production and development of prototype, we will present a set of clients, including drawings, design, performance data, test data, the development cycle, development costs, product prices and other information design, and work together to select the most appropriate solution. In addition, to reduce development costs, to help customers accurately grasp the window of market opportunity, in a timely manner to promote products to market, our company follows the design and production and functional testing to optimize the principles of unity, from the beginning of the initial PCB design into functional simulation and test ideas, to minimize the subsequent development of secondary rework due to increased production time and costs.
Prototype production is completed, we will test the prototype in the laboratory, and test reports submitted to the client of the receipt of customer acceptance of the prototype, we will design type in the shortest possible time to be documented, and ready for all The tools, test tooling, fixtures to ensure the smooth progress of production.
Prime Time prototyping specific implementation process:
(1) prototype production.
a. the customer demand for complete prototype "prototype requirements," to the Ministry of Development, "the prototype requirements," stating the customer name, the prototype needs a single number, product name, sample number, date of sample requirements, volume and color remote control, the need accessories, packaging, if the function is different from the existing models need to specify the functionality required.
b. "prototype requirements," the prototype needs of customers by customer signature.
c. Development Department, after receiving a single sample needs to be confirmed delivery, prototype function, if any issues need to respond promptly, and with the prototype needs of clients through negotiation, if necessary, the prototype needs of customers change the "prototype requirements," such as no issues, develop cross-head kind of signature unit production.
d. sample units receive a "prototype requirements," after the number expected to receive more than the number of 1-5 sets of requirements, check the stores in time for complete lack of material requisitions.
e. prototype design software by software engineers, hardware engineers, circuit design and PCB LAYOUT.
(2) prototype output
a. hardware engineer is responsible for schematic, parts list produced and archived. Software Engineer responsible for the source code, object code, the number and archiving.
b. test group by "prototype requirements," requirements to test and fill out the "test records," according to visual inspection, "Machine visual inspection standards." Prototypes of new products to be drawn to do 1-5 sets high and low temperature test, loading test, noise test, and fill out the "Test Record", "noise test report," "high and low temperature test report", did the machine noise test not the kind.
c. prototype production process, if found by the prototype can not be completed on time delivery, development must promptly notify the head of the prototype needs of customers, and with the prototype units responsible for consultation.
d. prototyping is complete, providing the user manual and circuit diagrams, carton packaging by packaging requirements shall be head of development review, and fill out the "Prototype / function confirmation form."
e. "prototype requirements," "Prototype / function confirmation form", has done the test report ("Test Records", "noise test report," "high and low temperature test report") to be filed by the Development Department to for future reference purposes. Prototypes of new products need to archive the following information: Schematic, PCB board diagram, welding diagram, wire diagram, install the wiring diagram, instructions, CPU source code, object code and so on. Changes in the original product the production of prototypes, technical information above is changed will also need to change the information after the archive.
(3) prototype developed by the Department of receipt of completed good "prototype sign for a list," "Prototype / function confirmation form", along with making a good prototype Prototype requirements related to customer service sign.
(4) sample handling of complaints and bad product needs of customers receive the prototype after prototype testing, if the test found that the software or hardware problem, a detailed record and communicated in writing to the Development Department, Development Department to analyze the reasons to be positive, to find strategies and to make the prototype feedback record, to avoid similar problems happening again.

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