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We covered the main areas include: microcontroller (MCU) decryption, decryption dedicated IC, PLD decryption, CPLD decryption, decryption chip microcontroller development services, embedded system software and hardware design, chip design, hardware design, software system design and decryption software for domestic and foreign electronics companies recover lost data or study abroad SCM SCM enterprise advanced design concept and to provide technical support, the company in a professional, dedicated service, chip-chip decryption decryption adhere to market demand oriented, customer responsibility, depending on each customer as a partner, relying on advanced technology, excellent management team and modern as possible to provide the latest market information and the best service to win and win-win for the customer pursuit of the goal.

Only declassified legitimacy, the legal responsibility for all disputes by other commitments, the Company shall not be responsible.

>> IC chip to decrypt some models

· AVR Series IC chip (ATMEL) 51 series IC PHILIPS series IC chip Xilinx chip series IC chip INTEL series IC chip IC chip ZILOG Series SST Series IC chip McCann (MDT) new series of IC chips Mao Series IC chip family CYPRESS Series MIC chip IC chip ISSI

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