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The so-called reverse-chip design, copy board services, simply, is through the internal circuitry of the chip extraction and analysis, sorting, and realize the principle of chip technology, design ideas, process, structure, in-depth insight into the mechanism used to verify design or analysis of information flow in the framework of technical problems, but also enable a new chip design or product design.
Our chip design companies with the cooperation of well-known, long-term commitment to design complete product positioning, competitive analysis, copyright protection, study and refer to the advanced design ideas and design skills to provide technical support and services. We are reverse engineering the chip has its own unique technical approach and practical skills, fast and accurate circuit extraction and efficient reverse collation and analysis of the circuit, to provide independent and innovative platform for customers to shorten the learning curve and speed up its own technology standards increased.
We reverse the chip design services include netlist / schematic reverse extraction, circuit hierarchical order, logic analysis, layout extraction and design, design rule check and adjust, logical layout verification, cell libraries and process size scale replacement and so on.
Reverse analysis of these means, we can help customers learn about other product design, feasibility study for the project, open ideas, find the problem and cost accounting, for example: Before entering new areas, assess, verify their technical solutions and design ideas feasibility; mature products on the market through research, to help resolve key technical issues; use of existing products in the market resources, reduce barriers to entry, to achieve better product compatibility and so on.

Netlist / schematic reverse extraction
Reverse in the chip design, netlist / schematic of the extraction is a big issue, netlist extraction directly affects the quality and speed up sorting, simulation, LVS and other aspects of the work. We concluded on the basis of many successful cases, relying on self-developed software applications, can be accurate, fast, high-quality manner netlist / schematic of the extraction.

Logic Function
After netlist extraction, often require the collation of the circuit, to a tie (flatten) the circuit hierarchy (hiberarchy) order, forming a hierarchical structure of the circuit in order to understand the designer's design ideas and techniques, while error to find the net but also the purpose of the table.

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