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      In the PCB copy board process, the need to bill of materials (BOM) Purchasing the appropriate components, these components accurately and then soldered to the PCB, a good system to complete the cloning process the circuit board. Prime Time in PCB reverse study, but also to provide supporting parts procurement services, professional services through the process of docking and perfect and reasonable procurement program, we can ensure maximum cost-effective for customers to purchase more complete meta- devices, the package for customers to protect product development projects.
Prime Time is located in China's largest distribution center for electronic components - Shenzhen Huaqiang North Commercial Circle, fast and easy understanding of the various components of market supply and demand information sources to find the fastest, but can also full of multiple providers providers compare, select better quality, better service vendors, device procurement to ensure the efficient delivery of high quality and on time.
To better serve customers, we are equipped with a talented workforce dedicated and experienced procurement team, and our procurement staff to undergo a rigorous training, and accurately determine and identify the components has unique advantages, not only to find Rapid special procurement channels to complete the bulk of the components of the size of the procurement tasks, and reduce the time delay the procurement chain, to ensure that customers in the shortest possible delivery of the project cycle. ??
PCB technology components procurement, product development and prototype production of imitation as a key part of the process, the procurement of components flourishing era of perfect service network can provide hundreds of firms involved in the procurement of tens of thousands of devices ...
Procurement of components can type:

CPLD: MAX II MAX 3000 MAX 7000 MAX 9000
FPGA: FLEX 10K FLEX 6000 ACEX 1K APEX 20K Cyclone Cyclone II Cyclone III Stratix Stratix II Stratix III
Microcontrollers: 8051 structure AT91 Series ARM AVR8 / AVR32 CAN network FPSLIC MARC4 USB controller
Memory: DataFlash EPROM Flash memory, serial EEPROM FLASH stacked modules (Flash & RAM)
Programmable logic device: field-programmable gate array (FPGA) FPGA configuration memory SPLD / CPLD
Other analog chips: Broadband data converters power management customers customization
Communications: Bluetooth C cellular / infrastructure Phone VoIP chip GPS smart Internet applications and wireless network 802.15.4/ZigBee RF WiMAX
Automotive and industrial: industrial control vehicle control CAN network structure MARC4 4-Bit Serial EEPROM
Security and smart card chip: Memory biometric sensor embedded TPM security RFID Privacy based on ARM Microprocessors AVR-based RF confidential security smart card chip microprocessor smart card reader terminals other security
Multimedia and Image: CCD camera, radio CMOS Image CCD image sensor solutions, digital camera audio synthesis solution Dream DVD / CD Storage Chipsets video IR control MP3 players
Military and Aerospace: military equipment, military and aerospace EPLD broadband data converters, high-reliability microprocessor radiation processor
Network Storage: Data Storage Network
Maxim Maxim / DALLS Dallas
1-Wire iButton Analog Switch Multiplexer Data Converters (A / D converter, D / A converters, high-speed converter) Filters (Analog) Clock Generation and Distribution Interface and Interconnect thermal power display drivers plug and power switch control circuit voltage reference, voltage monitoring, Sequencers Protection and Isolation digital potentiometer thermal management, sensors and sensor conditioning amplifiers comparators wireless, radio frequency (RF) and optical fiber and communication cable T / E Carrier and Packetized exchange of communication memory (NVSRAM)
Micron Micron
dual-channel synchronous dynamic random access memory: DDR, DDR2, DDR3, RLDDRAM, synchronous dynamic memory SDRAM
Fully Buffered Memory Modules FBDIMM: FBDIMM, MiniDIMM
MITSUBISHI Mitsubishi Semiconductors
DIP-IPM IPM power module power module power module ASIPM dedicated power module IGBT power module HVIGBT PFC power factor correction module
LPC2000 series of 32-bit ARM LPC900 LPC700 Series Flash MCU OTP MCU 80C51 MCU Series
Device UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) USB1.1/2.0/HOST/OTG CAN-bus Series family of devices dedicated I2C-bus devices devices
Ramtron International Rui Chong
Ramtron FRAM FRAM MCU high voltage HVDAC
Sipex Corporation
power management: compensation charge pump LED driver amplifier with low leakage power Blox components PWM Controller Voltage Reference Monitor USB Virtual Bus Switch interface: multi-protocol RS232 RS422 RS485 USB transceiver
MCU MCU memory parallel combination of cascading ComboMemory serial Serial Flash Parallel Flash memory storage
memory: programmable memory system memory Serial EEPROM non-volatile memory NVRAM OTP and UV Erasable EPROM PSRAM and SRAM memory devices Serial Flash Memory NAND-type flash memory, NOR Flash Flash Flash NOR-type Flash memory embedded applications mobile terminal NOR-type flash memory, flash memory, Flash memory, radio frequency identification and radio frequency IC
MCU MCU: USB and programmable logic functions uPSD STR7 family of 32-bit microcontroller family in the low-end ST6 ST7 8-bit microcontroller industry standard 8-bit microcontroller industry-specific series of others: the serial exchange of real-time clock reset switch Microprocessor Supervisor IC EMI filtering and signal conditioning
Texas Instruments TI BB
Data Converters: ADC ADC DAC DAC MicroSystem mixed-signal data converters, CCD imaging touch screen controller analog front-end interfaces: 1394 RS-232 RS-485 CAN UART LVDS / M-LVDS / ECL / CML SCSI termination and transceiver display interface serializer and deserializer isolators Other Power Management: MOSFET Driver Battery Management Power Supply Controllers Power Factor Correction PWM PFC LDO linear regulator isolated DC / DC converters and non-isolated POL Non-Isolated Switching DC / DC Regulators Supervisory Circuits (Voltage Supervisors) current reference voltage hot swap power supply support switch controller PCMCIA / Cardbus Switch Matrix Power Muxes and current limit switches Ethernet / LAN Power Solutions
Winbond Winbond
Mamory Memory Voice MFID & RF-Module TV Edutainment Family
MCU MCU MCU computer and peripheral devices Computer ISD voice chip mobile multimedia and communications
WIZnet company
hardware protocol stack chips: W5100 W3100A-LF W3150A +
FPGA device family Virtex-5. PDF Virtex-4 Virtex-II Virtex / E / EM Spartan-3 Spartan-II Spartan / XL
CPLD device family CoolRunner-II.PDF CoolRunner XPLA3.PDF XC9500 other mature products: XC3000.PDF XC4000.PDF XC5200.PDF

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