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I. Overview
As China's telecommunications, computer and networks and the rapid development of electronic products to promote hi-tech SMT products that support the development of basic technology has gradually matured from the technical to explore the practical application stage. Scope of application of e-business from the past few extended to almost every industry. Beijing Institute of Electronics, SMT only the main members of the Professional Committee to come from electronics, communications, machinery, aviation, aerospace, steel, shipbuilding, home appliances, light industrial and other hundred police and businesses. The introduction of a number of SMT production equipment business, running well, and in the field of technology has made encouraging economic efficiency and achievement. Implementation of the electronics industry, Beijing, 2098

Industrial output value of 45 billion yuan now, Beijing, capital of the electronics industry to support economic development has become the first pillar industry. But we should also soberly aware that there are many units in the application of SMT Unfortunately, after spending a lot of foreign exchange after the introduction of a SMT device, but can not meet production requirements, such as design there, process incompatible with the SMT; production efficiency is low, large consumption; poor quality of products; SMT equipment is not functioning properly, failure rate, repair and maintenance can not keep up, post-investment cost is too large, cause the device to the consequences of long-term idle. At the same time, many enterprises are still inadequate technical preparations launched SMT equipment investment. In addition, as foreign SMT trends, adapt to the new IC products and meet the latest situation of the SMT package technology and equipment continue to emerge, in the face with the SMT system constantly updated technology and equipment problems, which inevitably adds to the development of new enterprises investment risk. Good existing equipment for this application, to enable enterprises to gain higher economic returns, enter a virtuous circle, to seek new development, I think of great practical significance.
Second, SMT elements involved
SMT is a systematic project, which involves components of the form of packaging and taping, PCB, materials and accessories, design, manufacturing technology and production processes, equipment and spare parts, tooling, testing and management of a variety of elements, is a integrated production technology, only the emphasis of a link or a few links, we can not achieve real good run. The past, some companies there is a Misunderstanding, that is, SMT placement machine equipment selection and application of good use of that mount equipment, SMT to run better. Reality not so simple in all aspects of SMT components are interrelated. Design aspects are not the traditional design ideas, it requires technical decision-makers and designers deeper understanding and application of SMT, familiar with the equipment and techniques, new products and new technologies in use and promote the SMT.
1, the selection of components
SMD grasp the size, shape and accuracy, understand the production process and select the components to meet the technological requirements, such as automation equipment to meet the required mechanical strength; adapt to the device packaging and taping methods; meet the curing process of reflow soldering and thermal properties; withstand the corrosion resistance of different cleaning methods; and to maximize equipment efficiency and reliability of IC packages and so on.
2, the design aspects
Design is a part of the so-called integrated system, the designer first SMD components, especially the selection of a more adequate understanding of the product and process design aspects have a certain understanding, at the design stage to production processes should be considered in the program, which can be in product volume, in order to maximize product quality and production efficiency, and lay a critical foundation. Design aspects of SMT equipment and good use of a considerable number of associations, such as equipment for PCB positioning, size limit requirements, the range of equipment can mount components, equipment, positioning means of identification of components and requirements of IC tube legs identification of the element size and can accommodate up to a high number of components of the requirements.
3, the production technology
To give full play to the role of the existing SMT equipment to produce high-quality, low-cost products, the production process to determine a reasonable solution is critical. Plan was finalized in the overall process, to detail the preparation of screen printing, dispensing and placement, reflow and curing of the procedures and specific parameters of the circuit board usually requires collaboration from several devices together to complete assembly tasks. Paste in place of a single piece of equipment components species selection, path settings, the optimal location coordinates and other factors should be considered the beat of several reasonable convergence device, the entire production line to avoid the halt, the production process according to different requirements, implement the right technology solutions, and continue in production to improve.
SMT production process of several common programs are as follows
1) side mount technology
2) Double-mount technology
3) Single mixed
4) Double mixed
Third, strengthen the management of several steps SMT Equipment
1, SMT line of design build construction of the line principles: for, the economy can expand.
The purpose of use in conjunction with SMT, the nature and type of production of products, product components and the IC to consider the size and precision, components of the type and quantity of product required P plate size, scale and volume production requirements and quality standards requirements to determine the device models. Depending on the product process requirements, combined with different types of products the process may take the program to determine the function of SMT equipment and configuration. Must take into account scalability. As electronic products and components accompanying development of the industry very quickly, SMT equipment from the system's functionality, accuracy, and production capacity expansion targets and so to leave room. Pick up the latest devices, and option-shop once, it will inevitably cause investors is too high, and many options do not apply idle in many years, resulting in tying up a lot of money, economy poor. To build a fully furnished ability of SMT production line, a large amount of investment, and equipment replacement cycle is short, small businesses bear a considerable difficulties. Determined application of acquired companies such as ineffective, give enterprises a heavy burden. Therefore, the design of the building line, choose the economy is a very critical. High-speed machine speed, functional strength, but the price is about the speed of machine 2 to 3 times. Such as the type of the products is not less variety, and high-volume, select a few lines of Taichung-speed unit, both to solve a large investment funds, but also small amounts of money can be used repeatedly put, flexible way to add production capacity. Equipment failure, the impact will be minimized. Equipment investment recovery period of 2 to 3 years is better.
2, device choice options and spare parts:
SMT equipment, options and spare parts prices are very high, should be combined with product requirements and production requirements to find out. Such as dispensing, chip nozzle, cutter, rubber belts, seals, sensors and other wearing parts may provide a certain number of spare parts management, to facilitate the timely replacement of the component feeder types of cases can be ordered amount of spare components, can improve the product for type of speed, reduced component loss. However, electrical spare parts to equipment, especially the control circuit board, the price is very high, do not select set to reduce capital tie
3, the professional and technical training
Device hardware is confirmed, do not ignore the software package. SMT system can run well, the key is to master and use people. Should choose high-quality staff, with computer automation, electronic and mechanical, etc. basis for the charge of equipment, equipment maintenance and understanding of the overall technical personnel, we chose a college education of technical staff, training in pre-production line after foreign manufacturers or vendors to arrange training center, the system studies. Planned, purpose and specific faults and problems, in-depth study and develop their own sound equipment maintenance and security forces, would benefit long-term development. Equipment operators, especially high-speed SMT production lines, also require high education level, good quality staff, we use the technology, secondary education personnel.
4, equipment acceptance
SMT construction equipment acceptance is one of the key line. SMT equipment acceptance process is very simple and involves a lot of recognition. While there is no acceptance of a standard approach, our approach is described only for reference.
First, equipment research, control structures, functions and technical standards, equipment purchase contracts entered into the process, we must consider the content to the device and method of acceptance. Confirmed in one by one indicator of technical specifications of equipment, the master key indicators of the detection method, to the manufacturers recommendations for equipment inspection requirements. For the plant to produce the products, choose a representative of the circuit board, in advance with equipment manufacturers to prepare for actual production and acceptance of work.
Equipment installation, adjustment and location of equipment layout of the environment, electricity, gas supply and other sectors can not be ignored. Equipment should meet the environmental and energy supply and other requirements. Difficult to achieve as a result of constraints should be described in advance with the equipment manufacturers, both to determine measures to avoid the final equipment acceptance trouble. Formal equipment acceptance in two phases, which we called the no-load acceptance and load acceptance. No load acceptance, ie the technical specifications of equipment, functions, accuracy indicators and acceptance of each item configuration. A load acceptance, the first use of standard procedures and equipment manufacturers standard model, the general acceptance. The second step to be produced by the factory for actual production and acceptance of the board, draw equipment, precision, close to the pass rate, rate, welding quality, system status and product support through rate and the pass rate standards.
5, SMT production equipment to improve the daily management level:
Different types of SMT equipment failure, following the trend about two kinds of situation:
Over time, the use of the longer, the higher the failure rate, shown in Fig. Of course there will be relatively stable over time, lower fault, this trend into the mainstream. However, some equipment in the initial period, the failure rate is relatively high, with a period of time, failure reduced, the device into a stable state, and then gradually transition to the high incidence of failure. Of course the main reason for the change produced with the initial adjustment of the equipment control device and the effect of unskilled is not the best condition, this situation should be looking for more from the internal reasons for normative management. Reduce equipment failure rates, reduce downtime, the most effective way is to strengthen equipment management, development of equipment operation, maintenance and repair management practices and accountability.
1) The development of the overall SMT process route across the board to determine the parameters of each equipment unit, data requirements, standards and curves, according to the provisions of the frequency, regular supervision by the inspection process the inspectors, to eliminate management responsibilities is not clear, process management is not strict, equipment is not required maintenance, equipment parameters tamper with, arbitrary transfer and other adverse conditions.
2) The provisions of the equipment on the content of the formulation and maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, six months and one year maintenance and repair management approach, detailing the location of different stages of maintenance, operation methods, the purpose and effect. Development of some systems is often easy, but very difficult to implement consistently. Some operators even a few managers have trouble, delay time, affecting the production of ideas. In fact, adhere to the maintenance and repair, the total equipment in good condition, can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs, to do this as long as the proceeds will be very significant.
3) The equipment operator should be required to master the basic skills of equipment operation, passing the examination for posts work. Operate strictly according to regulations. To concentrate on work, frequently observed during operation of equipment, ground judge, found anomalies, timely solutions to deal with, or ask the service technician maintenance, equipment not allowed sick work.
4) to improve staff basic quality, the conversion concepts, play to their enthusiasm, a clear personal interest and plant interests, development of production output, product quality, equipment qualification rate and good rate, parts and accessories of consumption evaluation indicators, so that employees out to fully mobilize the initiative to improve efficiency and reduce consumption.
6, the main measures to improve product quality: SMT production line part of many involved in all aspects of the content, scope of management around the equipment should focus on several key positions, and several monitoring points. The key part is: screen printing machine, Mounter, and reflow oven. The effect of solder paste screen printing will directly affect the patch and the effect of welding, especially for fine pitch components of the more significant. First of all should be fine paste, screen printing machine set pressure, precision, speed, clearance, displacement and compensation, and other parameters, the combined effect of the best, the stabilization process set into mass production.
Patch quality, especially high-speed SMT placement machine production line is critical to the quality level, there a little problem, it will have extremely serious consequences, should focus on the following tasks:
1) patch to be accurate and reasonable programming
Post release component location, order, arrangement of material points, the path should be as accurate as possible arrangements, reasonable and a good program to improve efficiency and qualified rate of placement, reduce equipment wear and component consumption have a significant effect. Test run during the procedure to confirm the correctness of component feeders after the first piece of PCB mount, and arrange to full inspection, we call the One Machine recognized the need to comprehensively check the location and parameters, polarity and direction, location offset mount components for damage and other projects. Pass the inspection, we began to put into mass production.
2) to enhance the production process of quality control and quality of feedback
With the continuous supply of components on the production of materials and placement procedures for improving adjustment, there will be many opportunities may result in errors arising from the quality of the accident, should be established before the inspection and shift system of classes, and do each refueling mutual self-examination, to prevent failure of the risk. At the same time to strengthen the quality of SMT systems feedback, the problems found after the procedure and timely feedback to the fault plane, in time, reduce losses.
Backflow device control:
Reflow PCB board soldering effect of the product through rate, pass rate and other indicators closely related to different PCB board, the different components and different density and requirements and based on empirical data and paste the standard curve to determine the parameters of each temperature, speed, through the test plate temperature curve of the components to be tested, modified temperature settings to achieve the weld pass rate, stable and reliable state.
Mainly refers to the number of surveillance points: patch before and after the reflow soldering PCB inspection and repair of office, set the hand control points, so that many faults can be corrected prior to soldering to reduce the repair workload. In addition, repair and inspection should be to identify and summarize the main content of poor quality and reasons for the rapid feedback to the malfunction of equipment, to be addressed immediately.
To achieve a good work, a good basis for work style and work, employees should be required to develop complete a variety of forms and records management project based on the habit, such as daily report equipment operation, equipment maintenance record form, components exchange checks table, patch state management table, reflow / curing temperature management table, equipment repair and inspection management table and so on. Through these records and statistics, so that the state continue to improve SMT production and improve, of course, is the application of these methods special committee in Beijing SMT Technology Service Center of Beijing Branch of the Center of Trade and Industry, does not necessarily apply to other units, just as technology exchange for your reference, if any shortcomings and mistakes, welcome to the experts, peer criticism correction

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