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Prime Time PCB Design Studio is committed to the authority of China's most powerful high-speed PCB design service provider specializing in a variety of high density / high-frequency PCB design, high-speed backplane design, motherboards and mobile phone board design, blind buried via PCB design as well as kinds of high-speed differential signal circuit board design, long-term to provide our clients PCB LAYOUT, SI simulation analysis, power integrity simulation analysis, product / board EMC design and other technical services and solutions, while the procurement of components to help Cold Pianmen compatible replace the function of the device, design the signal source, the test frame PCB copy board.
Commitment to the studio with high quality products, low prices and improve the timely technical support, at any time to provide you with convenient and efficient service, and sincerely welcome your call or letter home throughout the consulting business negotiations. For more information, please visit our website or letter, call, visit the studio.
A, PCB Design Center to undertake the following PCB design projects outside:

1, communications products: satellite communication base station system board, GPS base stations and terminals PCB, mobile phone board;
2, computer network products: switches, computer motherboards, boards, industrial control panels, monitors (CRT or LCD) board, fiber card ... and so on;
3, following developments: digital / analog voice card, ARM7 and ARM9 development board, ARM simulator series, Qloigc fiber card series, Ethernet TCP / IP series, automotive electronics and system design, Ethernet Media Converter, Wireless Communication ...
More information, visit: http://www.zgpcb.net
Second, the design capacity
◎ maximum design layers: Open
◎ largest PIN number: 48963
◎ Maximum Connections: 36215
◎ Min via: 8MIL (4MIL laser hole)
◎ Minimum line width: 3MIL
◎ Minimum line spacing: 4MIL
◎ PCB panels up to a number of BGA: 44
◎ smallest BGA PIN pitch: 0.5mm
◎ The most high-speed signal: 10G CML differential signal
◎ fastest delivery: 20000 PIN PCB board before the simulation, placement, routing, total 6 days post-simulation.
* High-speed high-density PCB design
* High-Speed Backplane Design
· Probe card
* Motherboard and mobile phone board design
* Industrial Control Board and the test board
* Design of blind holes and buried vias
· Minimum BGA pin-pith: 0.5mm
* High-speed differential signal: 10 GHz differential signal
* Minimum line width and line spacing: 3MIL
· Minimum via hole size: 8mil (4mil Laser drill)
? Surface coating: spray tin, nickel gold, electroless nickel, oxidation treatment
* Goldfinger Plating: gold thickness according to customer requirements

Our PCB design:
Wireless communications equipment: such as wireless base stations;
Optical network transmission equipment: such as SDH, DWDM equipment
Data communication equipment: such as high-end routers, LAN SWITCH, ADSL, etc.;
High-end computing equipment: servers, motherboards, etc.;
Multimedia electronic equipment: TV, HDTV, DVD, DVB, LCDTV, PDP, LCOS, DLP;
Power switching power supply products: home appliances, computers, communications, switching power supply PCB design;
Power electronics: Converters, UPS, industrial power supply;
Control Board: The series of industrial PCB Design

PCB design flow chart:

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