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In PCB design, digital logic circuits are usually considered if the frequency reaches or exceeds 45MHZ ~ 50MHZ, and work on the circuit at this frequency accounted for the entire electronic system has a certain amount (eg 1 / 3), then known as high-speed circuit.
As system design complexity and integration of large-scale increase, electronic systems, designers are working on more than 100MHZ circuit design, the operating frequency of the bus has reached or exceeded 50MHZ, some even over 100MHZ. Currently about 50% of the design of the clock frequency of over 50MHz, nearly 20% of the design frequency over 120MHz.

With high-speed PCB design is the complexity of system design and integration of large-scale increase developed because:
1. When the system when operating in 50MHz, will have a transmission line effects and signal integrity problems,
2. And when the system is working to 120MHz, unless the use of high-speed circuit design, or PCB designs based on traditional methods will not work. Therefore, high-speed circuit design technology has become a designer of electronic systems design means must be taken.
In fact, the signal edge of the harmonic frequencies higher than the frequency of the signal itself is rapidly changing the signal rising and falling edges (or the signal transition) triggers the signal transmission of non-expected results. Therefore, if the line is usually agreed upon propagation delay greater than 1 / 2 drive end digital signal rise time, then that such signals are high-speed signal and generates transmission line effect. Signal transmission occurs in the moment of signal state changes, such as the rise or fall time. Signal from the drive end to the receiving end after a fixed period of time, if the transfer time is less than 1 / 2 rise or fall time, then the reflected signal from the receiver will arrive before the signal changes state drive end. Conversely, the reflected signal will change state after the arrival of the signal drive end. If the reflected signal is very strong, it is possible to overlay the waveform will change the logic state.
Therefore, we design, trade-offs, make a comprehensive trade-off: not only satisfy the high-speed PCB design requirements, but also reduce the difficulty of design complexity.
We use high-speed PCB design tools, form the controllability of the design process, only controlled, is reliable, it will be a success!

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