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With the development of electrical and electronic technology, the world entered the information age, the increasing popularity of home appliances and electronic products, radio and television, post and telecommunications, and computers and their networks become increasingly developed, increasingly complex electromagnetic environment and deterioration, tend to make electronic and electrical equipment or the system does not work, causing decreased performance and even damage, the electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products more and more governments and manufacturer attention.
For example, when we watch TV, if next to someone using the hair dryer or electric razor like household appliances, will appear on the screen objectionable snow stripes. Undercooked rice cooker to cook rice, it's clear the air conditioners turned off, but after a while start their own ... ... these are common to electromagnetic interference. More seriously, if the signal prevents electromagnetic interference of medical illness is monitoring electronic equipment, or when the aircraft is flying, will result in disastrous consequences. Therefore, EMC and more important in the product.

Prime Time has experienced more than EMC design experts, can provide EMC design of production systems (including structure, devices), on board to provide PCB design layout EMC solutions and provide guidance and EMC solutions of system (including structural , cable) and other services.
In the electrical and mechanical design principles, Prime Time has a good application base, to ensure that EMC design with excellent quality, by schematic analysis, device selection, board structure, high-speed signal simulation SI, PCB.layout wiring and other measures at the design stage for the board to solve your EMC product issues, specifically in the following areas:
1, a potential source of interference and the electromagnetic energy sensitive components and circuit device mounted on a PCB, the active components of the position, the alignment of printed lines, impedance matching, grounding design, etc., we are in the EMC design be taken into account, some PCB components will be masked.
2, the internal cable is generally used to connect the PCB or other internal sub-components, including alignment methods and EMC shielding the internal cable design.
3, the EMC in the PCB design and the internal cable design is completed, we will pay particular attention to shielding design of chassis and all the cracks, through-hole punch and cable handling
4, in particular, to focus on input, output power and other cables filtering
EMC EMC design the basic principles:
Electronic circuit design criteria consider only the electronic circuit designer is often the product's features and functionality, and electromagnetic compatibility have not considered, so the product is the completion of its function, but also generated a lot of features of sexual harassment and other harassment. Also, can not meet the sensitivity requirements. EMC design of electronic circuits from the following considerations:
In most cases, component selection, circuit electromagnetic characteristics of the basic components to meet will determine the degree of functional units and equipment to meet the electromagnetic compatibility of the final level. Select the appropriate criteria, including the electromagnetic component of the main band features and circuit assembly technology. To achieve electromagnetic compatibility because it is often far from the fundamental frequency component from the response to the decision. In many cases, the circuit assembly also decided that the band response (such as lead length) and the coupling among the different circuit elements level. Specific rules are:
⑴, at high frequencies, and lead type capacitors, compared with priority into a small lead inductance capacitor feedthrough filter capacitor or bearing.
⑵, in the capacitor leads must be used, consider the lead inductance of the filter efficiency.
⑶, aluminum electrolytic capacitors may occur a few microseconds of transient dielectric breakdown, which in a large ripple or transient voltage circuit, you should use solid capacitors.
⑷, parasitic inductance and capacitance using a small resistor. Chip resistor can be used for ultra-high frequency bands.
⑸, large inductance large parasitic capacitance, in order to improve the low frequency part of the insertion loss, do not use a single filter, but rather the use of certain multi-section composed of a small inductor filter.
⑹, using the core inductors should pay attention to saturation, with particular attention to high pulse will reduce the inductance of the inductor core and in the filter circuit insertion loss.
⑺, as far as possible and to shield the relay using the shield shell grounded.
⑻, used effectively shielded input isolation transformer.
⑼, power transformer for sensitive circuits should have a static shielding, shielding shell and the transformer housing should be grounded.
⑽, interconnect signal line inside the device must use shielded wire to prevent the harassment of the coupling between them.
⑾, is that each shield is connected with the respective pin, should be used more than enough socket pin.

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