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Backstepping PCB schematics, PCB files, also known as reverse back to the schematic diagram or design, it means the PCB schematic file or directly inverse PCB board according to the schematic depicted in kind, intended to illustrate the principle and work board . Also, this circuit is also used to analyze the functional characteristics of the product itself. In the forward design, product development to conduct a general schematic design, according to the PCB schematic design.
Whether it is used as a study in the reverse principle of circuit boards and product performance characteristics, or be re-used in the forward design of the foundation and basis of PCB design, PCB schematic have a special role. Moreover, the product commissioning, maintenance and improvement process can not be played or

Lack of role, the reverse is the schematic PCB copy board production services segments, you just give us a model, or PCB file, we can provide you 100% accurate model derived the PCB or PCB documents schematic.
Prime Time has set up a counter-push the PCB schematic and technical team, with new ideas and methods of reverse design skills, the board-level power integrity analysis, the results show, according to technical documents derived reverse design away line clear, rational layout schematic. We backstepping schematic clues to the chip signal, which is the first to identify the chip uses, with the experience, according to the signal flow of the pin signal names marked as functional sub-region, are made with strict network PCB proofreading, Figure position number of components, model, network name, such as a complete and clear and easy to search, and a "functional modules related to the relative concentration of components" and "modular" approach draws its original readability and design can be comparable. Customers can easily grasp the idea of the product design to capture some of the high-end design of the bright spot, for its own use, can easily integrate into their own unique design, develop more high-end products.
We not only reverse the latest PCB schematic software and years of practice, and accumulated a wealth of experience, master of a hundred anti-push approach. Professional provide all kinds of high-frequency board and modify the anti-drawn schematic, multi-layer blind reverse buried plate schematic design, PCB copy board mobile phone board, and anti-drawn schematic, 8-tier server computer motherboard schematic reverse design, more than 10 layers Anti-drawn schematic PCB files, etc. for your product design and final commissioning and ongoing maintenance service to provide detailed and accurate technical principles for reference.

Prime Time back PCB schematic steps:

First, find PDF data
In a well-circuit board PCB Reverse schematic design, PCB, we used to know what materials, and then find the BOM list of integrated circuits, transformers, transistors of the PDF data (for digital circuits), then IC of the PDF by the principles of data analysis circuit each functional area. If the analog circuit needs to engineer very familiar circuit to make a reasonable division.
Second, the rational division of functional areas
In general, a function of the same circuit board PCB layout will be made of similar or symmetrical circuit, functional zoning when there is a basis for convenient and accurate. Functional areas by the device is not random, it requires knowledge of electronics engineers have a certain understanding. First, find a functional unit of the core components, and then find out six steps according to the alignment of other components of the same functional unit to form a functional area. The formation of functional zoning schematic drawing of the foundation. In addition, in the process, learn to identify the components of the circuit board component serial number and find the law in the circuit, they can help you faster functional partition.
Third, to master the basic framework, drawing on similar schematic
For some of the basic electronic circuits and principles constitute the framework of drawing method, engineers need to master not only can some simple, classic form of the basic components unit circuit for direct rendering, but also can form the overall framework of electronic circuits.
On the other hand, do not neglect, the same types of electronic products in the schematic diagram on a certain similarity, engineers can gain experience, to fully learn a new kind of product schematic diagram of the inverse.
Fourth, the distinction between the power line, ground and signal lines, a reasonable layout drawing
For the ground, power lines, signal lines of distinction, also need power engineers have the relevant knowledge, knowledge of electrical connections, PCB layout knowledge and so on. The distinction between these lines, the connections from the components, line width of copper foil and electronic characteristics of the product itself were analyzed.
Drawing in the wiring, in order to avoid the lines cross and the interludes, the large scale use of earth ground symbol, all lines can use different colors in different lines to ensure clear and legible, the various components can also use a special symbol, or even will be drawn separately from the circuit unit, and finally the combination.
Fifth, check and optimization
Schematic drawing is complete, check the links to go through testing and PCB schematic to say that the end of the reverse design. Sensitive to the PCB component distribution parameters need to check the nominal value of the optimization of the file under the PCB diagram, schematic diagram generated netlist into the PCB to check the circuit by software-line inspection technology to ensure that the schematic diagram and PCB files functions exactly the same.
If the check is found in the schematic layout does not match with the requirements, will be adjusted to the schematic diagram, until it reaches a reasonable and complete specifications, accurate and clear.

Prime Time steps schematic design

(1) new schematic document.
Into the design in the SCH system, first we have a good idea of the schematic, that need to know what the designed circuit to complete the project needs, and then use Protel DXP to draw the circuit schematic.
(2) to set the working environment.
According to the complexity of the actual circuit to set the size of the drawings. In the process of circuit design, the size of the drawings can be constantly adjusted, set the appropriate size is the completion of schematic drawings of the design of the first step.
(3) place the components.
Select components from the library, furnished to the drawings in their proper place, and the component name, define and set the package, according to the alignment of components such as links between the components in the work of the position of the plane to adjust and modify the theory makes Figure beautiful and easy to understand.
(4) wiring diagram.
According to the needs of the actual circuit, the use of various tools provided by SCH, routing instructions, the device will work with the plane of the wire with electrical meaning, symbols connected to form a complete circuit schematic.

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