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Making BOM list
Bill Of Material referred to as the BOM, simple definition that "use of materials required for product composition recorded in the table." It is not only a technical document, or a management document is the contact and communication links of various departments.
Prime time not only has a wealth of electronic component testing, selection experience, through data query, circuit analysis and other means, you can quickly and accurately confirm the components of the model and related parameters, and a professional-level precision measuring equipment, Mark clearly visible in the device The premise, can provide customers with standardized, comprehensive parts list information (BOM list), to save a lot of manpower and costs, speed up product production process. ?
In the process of PCB copy board, BOM list is a key part of making this part of the procurement of components related to the follow-up, involving a variety of PCB board modules, but also involves the cloning of the final PCB board soldering and debugging. Because this list includes all the components of the original PCB, the relevant parameters and specifications of features, was copied from the board and an important part of the design. In general, BOM list is mainly used in the cloning process model procurement of components, only the BOM list will be based on procurement to the electronic components soldered to the PCB board precisely in order to complete the cloning process the board, BOM list of most production important components required for the accurate measurement of various parameters, because if the device parameters is incorrect, the device may affect the accuracy of judgments and material procurement, project development and may even lead to failure.

BOM (bill of materials) is a device based on the procurement of materials it needed to record the product composition of various components, modules and other special materials.
List of Prime Time BOM production services, not only to, the information is complete, and high efficiency, high accuracy, is committed to providing our customers a complete project development cost estimates, quotes assessment, with 100% accuracy and maximum efficiency to ensure customer production plan smooth implementation.
For some high-frequency and wireless products, the use of a large number of small-volume precision resistors, capacitors, inductors, high precision of the test, Prime Time BOM list of production departments are equipped with various advanced devices specialized test instrumentation, components can be a number of fine performance testing.
Prime Time devoted to the bead using impedance testing with the Agilent 4263B transformer parameters measurement-based LRC tester, precision can reach 0.1%; while using Agilent 4287A RF LCR Precision tester for Naheng inductors, milliohms resistance and other high-frequency device testing and from 200mΩ to 3KΩ impedance test.

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