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PCB copy board that is already in the case of PCB board, the board of cloning, prototype production, parts replacement, making BOM list, export, schematics, etc.; one on the circuit board package of cloning, including cloning and the circuit board plate cloning.
Golden Age era with the latest EDA design software, professional and technical personnel copy board, the most advanced scanning technology and software technology, can be cloned single, double, multilayer (up to 32 layers) PCB circuit board, can various blind buried via PCB circuit boards and other difficult working copy board, both in density, around the microstrip line, and other long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, board Gigabit network equipment, or processing requirements of high-frequency harsh electromagnetic compatibility controlled

Rigorous system of PHS motherboard, mobile phone motherboard, wireless card, Bluetooth module and other wireless communications devices, blind hole buried hole infested industrial motherboard, we can provide the basis for a good model (or prototype) one-time successful cloning. Can also generate a variety of software formats for your documents, such as POWER-PCB, PROTEL99, PADS2005, PCB BOM transfer schematics to do one. Flourishing Age era copy board PCB model can also create your schematic, PCB package diagram, BOM list and PCB proofing or production, etc.; can be a customer perspective the second development to meet your various needs.
Prime Time has many years of practical experience, on board electronics industries have been cloned and the basic prototype production work, for the copy board cycle control and difficult technical research, the cost price has an absolute advantage.

Prime Time copy board engineers in full control of the traditional structure model and the circuit board on the basis of the basic circuit, it is constantly updated with the electronic products to enhance self-development capacity; effort to ensure that the cloned products, and provide a model 100% of the same; even reduce the need for more variety of products, blind buried vias copy board cycle, saving customers time and reduce costs.

In the copy board process, our professional team can change the board to provide you with PCB copy board service, according to customer's individual requirements, change the location plate components, be re-layout of the circuit, in order to achieve the results our customers expect.

Our business scope and capacity:

1, PCB cloning, PCB design and development: According to the structure of electrical schematics and PCB design software application design expertise, we have professional and experienced design team, able to overcome the current PCB design layout of some defects, ensure that the design and the PCB copy board quality. To ensure the PCB design meet the requirements.
We can also be the basis of existing PCB board PCB copy board copy copy copy board PCB by the map accuracy is very high, with the same model, PCB board copy copy low cost savings for customers and production cycles.

2, the electronics PCB copy board , Design: We designed more than ten years by a group of professional senior engineers PCB copy board PCB design team, including computers, communications, networking equipment, mobile phones, digital cameras, instruments and other high-tech fields .

3, PCB copy board electronic products, PCB design of one-stop products and services (PCB cloning, to board, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, prototype production testing, finished processing one-stop service enterprises). Focus on product marketing for those customers save a lot of development time and development costs, to help customers always have the leading edge products on the market, creating value for customers.

Tip: To protect the original PCB design of the legitimate interests of copyright owners, who cloned the company PCB business customers, there must be a legitimate source of the copyright statement.

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