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·Location:ShenShiShidai > news center > Standardization of automotive electronics industry R & D is imperative to step upStandardization of automotive electronics industry R & D is imperative to step up

Standardization of automotive electronics industry R & D is imperative to step up

Source:本站 Of:admin Date:2010/12/7 18:04:07 Views:4202
China Electronics Standardization Association Automotive Electronics Standards Committee ("the Standards Committee") has been established in Shanghai a few months.
Industry experts point out that the establishment of Automotive Electronics Standards Committee, the lack of norms will change the status of automotive electronics, means that China started the standardization of automotive electronics, will promote the rapid development and integration of the industry.
Imperative to develop new standards for automotive electronics standards established joint working committee will be the production of automotive electronics enterprises, research institutes, universities, testing institutions and industry associations, based on China's automotive electronics industry and future development trend of the actual start of a Automotive approved standards needed to work closely with both organizations related to standardized technology to jointly promote the standardization of the rapid development of automotive electronics.
Senior professional auto analyst Jia Xinguang an interview that the car very fast development of electronic products, new technologies are emerging, constantly upgrading products, so the development of new standards will accelerate the automotive electronics product updates and play a role in promoting development.
According to Jia Xinguang analysis, automotive electronics R & D is very complicated, products tend to advanced level of core technology decisions in the electronic software development, so in order to truly achieve the international level, the domestic auto electronics enterprises in technology product development and strategic human resources must be willing to invest in order with the core technology developed competitive automotive electronics.
It is understood that the Ministry of Industry has been cooperative, including SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Chang'an and other domestic car companies and automotive electrical and electronic units o

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