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China's IC design industry sales growth over the year into four

Source:本站 Of:admin Date:2010/12/7 18:02:02 Views:1649
2 learned from the China Semiconductor Industry Association, this year, China Integrated Circuit (IC) design industry will achieve sales of nearly 45% of high growth.
Association, said that China's IC design industry in 2010 will achieve sales of 55.0 billion, an increase of 44.59%. At the same time, corporate profits will achieve significant growth.
This year, with the national economic recovery and rush to develop new industries, new products such as Apple iPad market, similar products have prompted the emergence of demand for IC design have a great stimulus.
Although the industry has developed rapidly this year, but compared with the international giants, China's IC design scale of the weak, the low level of duplication of development is still very prominent. Currently, the number of firms in the industry more than 500, but the IC self-sufficiency rate is relatively low, especially in high-end manufacturing lags behind.
To this end, the association said, the relevant departments have implemented "IC design special." The main contents of the special focus on supporting towers, integrated circuits; encourage qualified enterprises to integrate the domestic IC design resources, and guide enterprises to accelerate the reorganization of integrated circuits, fostering the growth of a number of key enterprises.

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