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Guangzhou Asian Games Axis flash lighting perfect night

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Guangzhou is the host of 2010 Asian Games, Asian Games and the new axis is not only host the opening ceremony, but also a living room in Guangzhou. New axis since its night lighting project for the one which attracts many eyes and daydream.

Asian Games, Night lighting

Night lighting will be the new axis to form a 5 km long, stretching to the riverside dream picture, across the board is divided into East Station Square, sports center, the core area of Zhujiang New City, three landscape, fall within the new axis of more than 40 buildings buildings (including the already completed and not completed) will be re-integrate the existing landscape lighting, form a continuous uniform illumination style. Landscape with three in the core area of the Pearl River New City is undoubtedly the focus of regional planning, in particular, there are six of the region did not start or has started but not completed before the Asian Games, construction, programs are designed specifically for the Asian Games Temporary Lighting measures, while the core region of the 17 buildings have been built in the existing models will also be added to the Asian Games illumination mode. The Sports Center and the East Railway Station Square, with two landscape lighting the way and by the weakening of the intensity, bring out the focus of the core area of Zhujiang New City effect.

Axis of Guangzhou night

In the color selection, the program proposed lighting will be mainly white-based, the performance of the new axis of the shape and materials of modern architecture, while simple white light is also beneficial to the performance of convenient, efficient and modern image for the city. The whole building lighting around the central axis of the East Railway Station, CITIC Plaza, Pearl River New East West Tower, the new tower organization, formed by their middle, both sides belong to the other buildings on either side. This center line will be given the highest lighting levels, the most brilliant colo

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