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Flat-panel TV energy efficiency implementation of the new standard this week

Source:本站 Of:admin Date:2010/12/6 9:58:46 Views:1554
This week, published nearly six months, "flat-panel TV energy efficiency and energy efficiency level limit value" into effect, the standard for flat-panel TV's "standby power" and "the normal operation of power" had a strictly limited and will be divided into three levels of energy efficiency rating, three levels of flat-panel TV in which the energy efficiency index were 1.4,1.0 and 0.6. According to the standard, an energy-efficient products for the most efficient, two values for the energy rating is the minimum requirements for energy-saving product certification, Level 3, compared with the limit value for the minimum market access threshold. Less than three flat-panel TVs, the future will not be sold in the market.

A flat-panel TV manufacturers to disclose, according to testing, in accordance with the imminent implementation of energy efficiency standard, the current market level of energy efficiency of LCD TV only 2.4%, the proportion was 10.8% secondary and tertiary 72.3%, 14.5% LCD TV does not meet the standards. However, current sales and inventory in the energy efficiency of evaluation is still ongoing, mandatory energy efficiency labeling delisting and other post will be after March 1 next year to enforce, household electrical appliance enterprises thus obtained 3-month grace period.

According to another report, with the flat-panel TV with by the new energy efficiency standards for assessment of household electrical appliances also microwave ovens, to be implemented, "the microwave energy efficiency limited value and energy efficiency rating" standards will be microwave oven is divided into five energy efficiency rating, of which 2 or more products for the energy-saving products , 3,4 a moderate level of energy efficiency products, products, and five products are of high energy-consuming products, a product must reach 62% efficiency value.

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