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     Prime Time Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen was established in 2005. It’s a technical enterprise, specializing in reverse technology development and research of computer hardware and software technology products. We have a number of professional technical workers who worked many years in the specialized field of PCB design, PCB copy board, chip decryption, software decryption, making BOM table , special chip process data analysis, and so on. We  mainly provide: single, double, up to twenty-eighth layers of the PCB copy board (Copy, copy), PCB design, SI analysis, EMC design, PCB to board, schematic design and produce a single BOM, PCB production, prototype production and technical testing, small quantities of finished products, large quantities of processing, product testing and other technical services functions, while also provides application software, system software, embedded system software and hardware design and hardware driver development services. Since the establishment of the company, it is well received by the customers. We also have professional and high quality service to welcome every new and old friends.
     We are experienced professionals in PCB copy board design laboratory, specializing in  double-sided, four to twenty eight layers multi-cloning PCB (PCB copy board, copy, copy), PCB to board, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, product processing and other work. We has a very detailed knowledge and thorough understanding about multi-layer PCB board, even laser holes, blind holes, buried in holes of high-end PCB board structure and alignment of understanding of the rules are one-upmanship. No mater density, around the microstrip line, and other long-term computer motherboards, high-end graphics board, Gigabit network equipment substrate, or to deal with demanding high-frequency, electromagnetic compatibility strict control of PHS motherboard, mobile phone board, wireless LAN and other wireless communications equipment, and stacked up to 28 layers, blind hole buried hole infested industrial motherboard, we can provide the basis for a good model (or prototype) one-time successful cloning. We as Shenzhen PCB copy board (PCB copy board various types of boards), to board, schematics and BOM single production, PCB production, prototype production testing, small quantities of finished processing one-stop service-oriented technology companies new technology, based on customer components provided a model with good production of the product diagram, mapping the readability of the original can be comparable with the design.
     Since it was established in 2005, our long-term service in the telecommunications, networks, electric power, industrial, medical, instrumentation, military products, computer peripherals and other high-tech fields, the production technology uses the most advanced international SMOBC technology, strict implementation of ISO9002 quality system requirements, adhere to the"never satisfied with the products manufactured for the customer" business purpose, to carry out "quality, reputation and service" quality.
     The company has a professional plant in Baoan which has more than 5,000 square meters and about 230 employees, including more than 20 senior management and other advanced technology division, monthly production of 5,000-6,000 square meters, and it has passed ISO9002 quality system certification , EU SGS certification and lead-free products UL, and China Printed Circuit Association CPCA member companies.
     We always take "the best for information products in the new century" for the purpose of business development, "the technology first, market first, credit first, service first" as the business principle of "customer demand, customer’s satisfaction is soul "as the business philosophy of" integrity, professionalism, dedication, perseverance, perfect "for the enterprise spirit of" first-class service, made a hundred years "for the goal ,“Talents first”for the enterprise culture, according to market demand, improve the existing products, develop and develop the  new products constantly. With modern enterprise operation mechanism as its guiding principle, with hard work and strive, try our best to become a dazzling star enterprises in the twenty-first century.

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