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Introduction of circuit board test probes and the use of

Circuit boards usually have a lot of specifications of the probe needle is mainly composed of three parts: First needle: mainly outside the gold-plated copper alloy material. Second spring: mainly piano wire and spring steel outside the gold-plated. Third needle: mainly tool steel (SK) nickel or gold plated. The three parts assembled into a probe. There are also jacket tube, welding line can be connected.
There are many manufacturers of reproduction probe countries, mainly in Japan, the United States, Germany, Korea and Taiwan are more domestic, too. Probes used are mainly based on circuit board (PCB) board of center distance and the shape of the measured point set, PCB test board to be closer between points, the choice of the more small diameter probe. The probe made the quality of the current can be common that many of the so-called Taiwan-made probe is OEM only, generally more than 0.31 with 0.31 mm clearance probe are made, the average number of tests can guarantee 20 million to 15 million or so, although some product that is 100 million times, the actual effect I use also slightly higher at this level only, domestic and imported products is the difference between the maximum wear resistance in the plating layer, because the needle raw materials are imported, so the import and domestic makes little difference.

The following are commonly used in the probe diameter and the corresponding test points from the control center

Probe diameter (mm) test point pitch (mm)
0.15 0.30
0.26 0.50
0.31 0.60
0.38 0.70
0.42 1.00
0.48 1.00
0.58 1.27
0.68 1.27
0.72 1.27
0.95 1.78
1.0 1.78
1.37 2.54

The most detailed probe diameter can be 0.11mm, the choice is also very particular about the needle, the commonly used type of probe head are the following.

Test point probe head shape for the shape of the measured point is convex-shaped tip of the flat sheet or a first oxidation measured point is the umbrella hole is flat or concave-shaped flat sheet or measured point is raised flat sheet sized flat in the measured point is the crown of the first measured point raised bumps or flat sheet is the first measured point nine claw is flat or concave-shaped three-piece needle-like round the measured point is the concave gap measured point is more dense, and Raised or flat sheet

Actual use of test points is to look at your knowledge and experience, a process engineer, as much as possible to reduce the types of probes, the species with the least problems. Stocking too many varieties of procurement and production are not very favorable, although the exact use to improve measurement accuracy and can reduce costs, but in general is not conducive to the management and production, but also improves the production time and cost.

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