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LBM dry roll granulator

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LBM dry roll granulator designed, compact and simple process, easy to operate. Yuan Cailiao powder without any additives by this device can be directly processed into uniform 0.5-5mm particle packing density of materials greatly increased, thereby reducing consumption, control of environmental pollution, and reduce packaging costs and improve workers operating environment.
Quantitative powdery materials, even to join the flaking the main hopper, the flaking the main hopper to maintain a constant material level, then flaking longitudinally within the main hopper of the powder cone spiral pre-compressed and delivered to two pressure rollers curved slot notch materials and instant bite force compression, the compressed material after forming the pressure gradually decreases in the elastic and gravity, falling from the tank into the broken whole system, then the user size requirements of screening, grading, uniform quality requirements are consistent with granular products. Return to the next screen hopper powder recycling. (In the briquette, the granular material in the two counter-rotating roller is between the compaction, briquetting binder can be used.)
For sodium dichloroisocyanurate, TCCA, zinc oxide, lead oxide, cyanuric acid, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, calcium hypochlorite, potassium carbonate, strontium carbonate, cryolite, imidacloprid, and calcium dihydrogen phosphate food, fertilizer, feed, plastics additives, chemical drugs, cosmetics, detergent and other dry granulation.
FEATURES 1. Without any additives, dry granulation directly.
2. Particle strength can be adjusted. By adjusting the pressure roller, the control product strength.
3. Loop operation, to achieve continuous production.
4. Finished high yield, a single output of up to 1000kg / h or more. (Packing density of 1.5 × 103kg/m3)
Main configuration:
1. Forced feeding device (the main hopper)
2. On the roll sheet unit 3. Rack platform 4. Crushing whole machine 5. Grading sieve (according to user needs optional)
6. Bucket elevator (based on user needs optional)
7. Electric control cabinet

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