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Pressure type temperature controller

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Pressure type temperature controller with temperature sensor package can be used for cooling water or oil liquid medium. Adjustment range: 40 ~ 120 ℃.
First, the main properties of contact capacity:
Controller general specifications with AK1-1 micro switch, the contact load rating 27 V DC 15 A.
Controller 78 ℃ WKI-6 type of specification for micro switch, the contact load rating 27 V 10 A DC.
The test proved that: AK1-1-type and KI-6-type micro switch on-off capability can be reached: When the DC voltage is 110 volts, (1) perceptual load: (time constant of 100 ms) current is switched on

0.5 Safety, security breaking current 0.5. (2) Resistive load: 12.5 connected to current safety, breaking current of 1.
Second, the size is not adjustable switching differential difference set sequence number switch setting error ℃
Repeatability error of the maximum temperature of the media note: The controller is set to switch the value of the above three, appearance and installation dimensions: mm
1, the controller can be used directly screwed into the threaded portion of its controlled media channels, we must pay attention to the mouth of the seal installation, all packages should be immersed in the gentle sense of charged media.
2, the circuit connection through the small receptacle, the wiring and switches as shown below:
A to B for the small micro switch socket

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