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Multifunctional anesthesia machine series

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Prime Time Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, specializing in copy board reverse technology, has successfully cracked the tens of thousands of items of high, medium and low-grade electronic products of all the technical code, for the majority of small and medium enterprises with the lowest equipment to maximize the economic benefits of cost contributed to a strong impetus to the PCB copy board industry, printed circuit board is well deserved cloning industry king.
Multifunctional anesthesia machine series Features:
◇ compact, circular sealing ◇ Electronically Controlled Pneumatic, stable, secure gas province ◇ precise monitoring tidal volume, airway pressure ◇ apply to adults, children ◇ can be closed and semi-closed loop with the world's leading anesthesia ◇ traffic monitoring system and the Ohmeda respiratory gas monitoring system ◇ CITY stored common set of parameters, boot without adjustment, to clinical data processed ◇ calibration software designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data used by the U.S. UCA's ◇ pressure sensor, solenoid valve to ensure safe and smooth respiratory management of patients the main technical parameters:
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