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Double industrial spray tin plate

Double industrial spray tin plate production capacity:
Board: FR4, High TG FR4, high CTI FR4, high frequency materials, such as an aluminum material. Processing layers :1-18 level II. Max size: 1200 * 600mm
III. Finished copper thickness :0.5-4 OZ
IV. Finished Thickness :0.2-3 .0 mm
Five. Minimum line width: 0.1mm/4mil
VI. Minimum line spacing: 0.1mm/4mil
VII. Minimum finished hole: 0.25mm/10mil
VIII. Minimum solder bridge width: 0.1mm/4mil
IX. Minimum Overall tolerance: ± 0.10mm/4mil
Ten. Wing curvature: ≤ 0.7% flame retardant grade: 94V-0
Reliability Test: Open / Short testing, impedance testing, solderability testing, thermal shock testing, metallographic analysis, micro-chip solder color: green, black, blue, white, yellow, purple and other characters in colors: white, yellow , black and other surface processes: HASL, Lead Free HAL, Immersion gold, gold-plated plug means, the entire board gold, OSP antioxidant, rosin. . .
Other technology: Goldfinger, blind buried vias, characteristic impedance control delivery: double-sided 5-7 days, 6-8 days, four boards, six boards 8-10 days 10-12 eight-panel, ten laminates 12 - 15

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